Anglican and Eastern Churches Association

The Anglican and Eastern Churches Association is a religious organisation founded as the Eastern Church Association in 1864 by John Mason Neale and others and of which Athelstan Riley was a leading member. The purpose for which it was founded is to pray and work for the reunion of the Eastern Orthodox churches and the Anglican Communion.[1] In 1914 it adopted the present name when it merged with the Anglican and Eastern Orthodox Churches Union. According to tradition the merger was arranged at a meeting under a railway bridge in Lewisham between the Revd H. J. Fynes-Clinton and the Revd Canon J. A. Douglas. In 1933 there was a dispute between Fynes-Clinton and Fr Robert Corbould on one side and Athelstan Riley and Douglas on the other.[2]

The association publishes Koinonia: the journal of the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association; this continues E.C.N.L. ISSN 0012-8732 which was the continuation of The Christian East, a quarterly magazine, 1920-1954.[3] Also issued by the association was Stephen Graham's News Letter about the Orthodox Churches in War Time, issued monthly from 1940 to 1943, which was continued by the Eastern Churches Broadsheet, 1944 to 1954; after this came the Eastern Churches News-Letter, from Jan. 1955.

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